Mediengruppe Pressedruck

South Germany's media under one roof.

What began 75 years ago with Ausgburger Allgemeine as a classic newspaper publishing house is today a broad-based, future-oriented media group with 4,000 employees.

Mediengruppe Pressedruck connects people in the region with all available media and even people worldwide through TVT creative media. group

The group brings together companies from the electronic media industry with television and film production, television broadcasting and investment management.

As TV and film experts, the subsidiaries of the group produce everything around moving images worldwide. From high-quality commercials and TV films, TV shows and live broadcasts to news and up-to-date film reports.

As a broadcasting provider, the group provides everything for the ear and eye with stations like HITRADIO RT1, three local radio stations in Augsburg, Nordschwaben, Südschwaben and the TV station

As an investment partner, rt1. media group holds direct and indirect shares in broadcasting companies and is represented in numerous advisory boards and committees of renowned media companies.